13 April 2016

rain rain and more rain!

we're fast approaching warmer temps here in Austin, TX and i'm dreading the humidity and also all these intense storms!! when it rains it pours here and in a mere minutes we can total up over three inches of water?! okay maybe this isn't such a phenomenon to regular more informed weather peeps.

what about a handbag post? is anyone tracking the wonderful world that is Coach? i must admit i lost track of Coach in my 20s but remember them from childhood... meaning my momma rocked Coach when i was growing up... the original aka now called vintage Coach... man now i'm feeling vintage... but what i'm writing about is there was something about those Coach handbags my mom owned that felt like what I imagine a bag worth saving for was supposed to be and treasured but also used and stand up to daily use etc. well enough ramble but maybe a post on my Coach Dinky in Carmine soon if ya like.

random shopping news.. Banana Republic has a deal on their Essential Pima Cotton Vee Tees which are fantastic in my opinion. i take a medium but like a loose breezy look with my t-shirts plus with this Austin humidity a loose breezy t-shirt will be a must all summer long... ugh

dinner out with the hubs 

11 April 2016

hello from Austin, TX

made in Mn has up and traveled to Austin, TX y'all. after a LONG hiatus I'm kinda back! not that my little blog was that helpful at spreading the good vibes of Minnie... now all the action will be coming from Austin! we decided that we needed an adventure and that winters weren't really for us anymore and why not travel to Texas... so here goes something!

02 April 2015

oh yeah POST something

Top: Everlane Bottoms: H&M Shoes: Vans xJ.Crew 
and here we go 2015. it's spring time in Minnesota and we had our first big thunderstorm to prove it last night. apparently from this photo i need to clean my room... so probably should go do that 'eh.

05 September 2014

03 September 2014

have you seen this...

have you seen the Extra Gum commercial that makes you cry?
who knew gum wrappers could evoke such feelings...

28 August 2014

flats for fall

i'm getting ready for fall. dusting of the sweaters and getting ready to retire the flip flops for flats and fall booties! saw these while out and about last weekend and couldn't resist!

yosi samra ballet flats purchased at Maha Boutique in Wayzata, Mn 

25 August 2014

da weekend!

did ya'll have a nice weekend? i hope it wasn't as humid and gross in your location like it was here in Minneapolis! it's okay though... the best way to avoid humidity is to try new restaurants and take care of some back-to-school shopping because we still get to do that even as a grown-up right?!

we tried out Bar Louie this weekend but we're not cool enough to attend the Uptown location and be clubbing... no no we went to the Bar Louie attached to the... Ridgedale Mall... yup the mall people. BUT did you know this restaurant works with a scratch kitchen (sauces/everything from scratch) and the food wasn't too bad actually it was pretty darn good! the hubs tried the meatball sandwich and i ordered a smoked turkey sandwich but i really just wanted to eat the meatball sandwich.

we're on a roll to try new things and restaurants and on Saturday we decided to give the old Sunset's location a try.  Sunsets used to be the place to brunch and have low key weekend lunches when i was growing-up but just recently they closed and now in its place resides CoV Wayzata. it's just so light and airy inside CoV Wayzata and the nautical theme really makes me want to own a sailboat or know more people who have sailboats i can come visit :)