29 December 2011

so much lovin'

part one of the holidays have wrapped-up and i have been spoiled rotten by my loved ones with gifts, good food, and amazing company!! i'm getting excited now for New Year's Eve... we haven't always had a slam dunk with this holiday but maybe this year is the one...  we're off to a 70's themed bash and i can't wait to be silly and party like it's 1999... well it's never to old to bust out a good Prince song! i'm going to go along with the dress code and have a black Banana Republic strapless maxi dress to wear with my Born wedges i blogged about over the summer. 

i now own a camera so maybe i'll post some photos of my NYE outfit! let the countdown to 2012 begin!

22 December 2011

happy holidays!

what more can i say... but be safe and enjoy your loved ones during this holiday season!  this weekend is going to fly by and for some reason it doesn't really feel like Christmas here in Minnesnowta... probably because we don't have any snow!  oh well we will have to do without and still place cookies by the fireplace and watch all the holiday movies i can keep my eyes open for!

01 December 2011

oh December

i don't know why but around this time i want to participate in "spring cleaning" but in the winter...  i have a huge urge to go through my closet and storage totes and purge things!  i'm not an extreme pack rat or hoarder but i do have a tendency to hold onto an item that i never use and just can't seem to part with.  now i think it's time to just have a good clean/purge session with my things.  i have a lovely room in our little suburban house that is mine all mine and it operates like a big walk-in closet.  lately though i just can't stand how it looks... i like to change around the dresser and chaise and desperately need to find a rug and would also like to add a small/medium sized ottoman in the near future.  now to just find the time and energy to take everything out and not get frustrated, distracted, or bored and accomplish filling-up some goodwill bags!  i used to like to consign things but i'm so lazy about taking items in and forget to check my balances and i don't like to shop in these types of places so the little money i receive is just not worth all the energy.  i'll put my designer jeans and handbags on ebay but that also takes motivation!  i hope motivation hits me this weekend! 

29 November 2011

re-cap... black friday, small business saturday, and cyber monday

lions, and tigers, and bears oh my!

ah the first craziness of the holiday shopping has come to a close.  did you survive.. or maybe pass the last few days by without getting caught-up in shopping or maybe you were like me and wanted to be all prepared for the deals that came but didn't save enough money to take advantage of a single deal??  yeah MiH Jeans had 30% off their site this past weekend and so did the ever fabulous EmersonMade.  shopbop had 20% their site, Lo&Sons gave a whopping 40% off some of their bags, Lands' End Canvas was giving 30% all purchases, Anthropologie did a most beautiful thing and gave an additional 50% off sale merchandise from 6am to 11am online and in-stores... seriously this all reminded me how i should have stashed a few hundred away to spoil myself and the ones i loved with great deals.

i used to be so good at saving when i was little.  i was the kid who would have rolls of money from babysitting and yard work too nervous or cautious to spend it on something i wanted regardless of the fact if i needed it or not.  always saving for a rainy day or natural disaster because those are so common in Minnesota... well we do get a fair share of tornado's... ok ok but really i wish i could have taken part in a few silly materialistic shopping deals this past weekend.  maybe next year.  maybe next year.

23 November 2011

gobble gobble

happy turkey week folks!  i write week because my turkey day festivities are stretched out into two days not just one... Friday is really when i'm going to be getting my eat on!  my mom has a talent for cooking and i'm sure most folks think their parents can cook... but really do they prep a brine for their Turkey three days in advance?  yeah my mom has a talent and her cooking ability is really only one of many talents.  love you mom.  safe travels to everyone and oh yes... happy shopping to ya'll too! 

17 November 2011


oh November you are here and i only posted once in October... tear.  what's been happening since you may ask... well we've celebrated my mom's birthday in style at Pizzeria Lola, made a photo notepad via the site pinhole press of my adorable puppy chloe, another MZ Wallace bag has found its way to my house but for a good cause thank you Artists for Haiti for making it a fantastic excuse to give myself an early present, i tried a pumpkin spice soy latte only to see it's time for Starbucks Christmas blend seriously time where do you go?  it's dropping down to the low 20's here in Minnesnowta and any day now we could start seeing snow flurries so i think fall is kinda official over.  hello winter i'm not ready.

26 October 2011

the last time we chatted

was in September and my absence from my blog is really a reflection of my exhaustion and crazy work and personal life... it will be Thanksgiving and i won't really be able to recall what happened this fall and will demand quiet time and lots of sleep... ok and maybe some shopping... i'm already dreaming of what sales or deals might be available during this holiday season.  i know that material objects aren't supposed to be the center of the holiday season and it's really not for me but this is my shopping brain here online. 

i'd like to see free shipping from BAGGU, a personally mailed discount card from J.Crew (they did this last fall and it was the best thing!), a discount/free shipping from EmersonMade or just for me to win one of their amazing $1000 contests, the holiday calendar surprises from MZ Wallace, and of course just any other surprises from my favorite sites like theoutnet.com or shopbop or MIH Jeans...

first we must have Halloween and i can't wait for my neighborhood kiddos to come trick-or-treating and to dress my little critter aka pup in her pumpkin costume and once that is all over let's go holiday time... it's game time.

28 September 2011

hooked on The Sing Off

have you seen this show??  i can't seem to watch enough of this show The Sing Off. i used to catch So You Think You Can Dance but haven't caught an episode in about two years but now i have a replacement show because these people can SING! i'm even catching-up on past seasons with Hulu and youtube... The Sing Off, like most performance based shows, scours the country in search of the best a cappella groups, ranging in various sizes and ages. it is truly amazing what talented singers can do with their voices! the clip below is from a past season but it's just so good!

21 September 2011

oh my addiction to handbags...

what is it with my addiction to handbags... it doesn't matter if i had every dream bag i wanted because new bags would pop up with great style and design and then i'd need to have it!  for example like this new canvas and leather tote from Rib&Hull

Rib&Hull Technical Brief - Organic Canvas and Sienna Brown Leather

20 September 2011


i've found a few more items to keep my eye on for fall... i can't decide about the handbag but i truly like Timberland's take on a moccasin shoe!

kate spade fashion nylon jasmine
timberland women's Earthkeepers Caska Moccasin

19 September 2011

update from fall wish list...

this weekend i got to walk through J.Crew in Maple Grove and saw the perfect gray/navy stripped long sleeved boat neck shirt (say that five times fast) AND it was on a promotion price for $19.50 PLUS i got another 15% off with my college ID... these types of situations result in a sort of "retail glow" on my face!

15 September 2011

MiH Breathless Jeans in Pinetop up for sale!

just a quick FYI i'm selling a brand new pair of MiH Breathless jeans in Pinetop wash size 26 on ebay and you can find my listing by clicking here! these are amazing jeans and i already own this style in the Archive wash. i'd wear these jeans everyday if my co-workers wouldn't stare at my funny wondering why i don't change my clothes! you can also read a great review of the MiH Breathless jeans in Pinetop on the popular denim site denimblog.com.

14 September 2011

new sneaks!

i've been waking up and noticing the air is changing from summer to fall and this means finding proper footwear for the cooler weather. i love flip flops and would wear them all year round if i was living in a climate that stayed warm enough to do so... but i don't.  Minnesota is always changing it's mind if it wants to be warm, cool, cold, or colder than cold! i just received my first pair of Nike Oceania shoes in white/grey-neutral grey. these shoes are comfy and just seem to fit my low key classic style vibe right now! i'll still wear my flip flops until it's uncomfortably cold to have them on my feet but now i also have a pair of casual shoes to wear when my mind accepts that summer is over :) 

nike oceania

13 September 2011

missoni for target all over the place

Missoni for target has crashed target's website and sunk my dreams of grabbing a little Missoni in my price range. oh the cute flats and the travel bags or the detailed print bobby pins or or or...  you get the idea. i think it's neat that Missoni and target teamed-up together as other high end brands have done before. i won't know what the quality feels like of these Missoni for target items cause i can't seem to get my hands on any of their items but i'm sure they wouldn't waste their time producing a line of items that would just fall apart :)

12 September 2011

Design Sponge at HOME book should be on my door steps!

ever since Domino magazine aka "the guide to living with style" went out of print i've regretted not keeping every issue i ever owned. i loved Domino magazine and their ability to always be so colorful and hip. this magazine always had a seamless way of meshing fashion with interiors and i always took my time with each page spread... sometimes they packed so much into their magazine it was sensory overload! i've since purchased domino the book of decorating and also recently picked-up Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces, but I'm eagerly awaiting leafing through the pages of Grace Bonney's Design Sponge at HOME decor book! my excitement for this book feels like the anticipation i used to have for a new issue of Domino magazine! i heart the Design Sponge's website but have to admit i'm still getting used to their new layout/design (even though it's been out for months) but the content is still the same wonderful self that i have always enjoyed. i pre-ordered this book over the summer but it's apparently available already on Overstock.com for $24.43 shipped so check it out if your in need of another stylish design resource!

09 September 2011

have you heard of Swag52?

swag52.com is a site for exclusive pricing at local Twin Cities boutiques and restaurants and i can't remember how i found this site but i'm already loving' the deals they have been sharing! i haven't joined groupon or livingsocial because BF has this area covered but give me a site that concentrates on our amazing local boutiques and i'm in! this weeks deal/certificate is for one of my favorite shops OPM Boutique! the certificate is $60 for $100 of merchandise at OPM Boutique! i live within walking distance of this shop and it's dangerous! they have a refined selection of denim and some of my favorite purse brands like Rebecca Minkoff and Mulberry and a variety of cocktail dresses, jewelry and shoes. so again if you're looking for deals that focus in on our thriving high end boutique options in the Twin Cities you'll have to join SWAG 52 and don't forget to check out the great deal they are promoting for OPM Boutique in St. Louis Park.

08 September 2011

don't miss Fashion's Night Out!

tonight is a big night for fashion and if i was lucky to be in New York i'd take in every minute of tonight's Fashion's Night Out festivities in the Big Apple.. but i'm here in grand 'ol Minnesota and will make do with the parties happening in Edina's Galleria! there will be good food, dancing, trunk shows, and some great deals happening in a ton of shops in the Galleria tonight and they are staying open late so guests can really take-in everything that's happening! i'm pretty excited for tonight and hope today goes by quickly so i get to focusing on tonight's festivities.

02 September 2011

updates to my Fall wish list!

since i wrote my Fall wish list about a month ago some of my wishes have come true!

- black skinny pants found in the sale section of Lands' End Canvs, Women's Stretch 5-pocket Pants
- rose gold watch fablous gift from BF, Fossil Maddox Stainless Steel in Rose 

i'll try to keep ya'll posted as i complete the Fall wish list!

blog design changes..

i usually don't like change but for some reason i haven't been able to find a blog template that really reflected how i wanted my blog to appear... until now!  i think this layout, font, and colors are truly grooving with how i want my blog to appear to the big wide world of web!  i've always admired blogs that effectively use white backgrounds and i really wanted to have a blank canvas type blog as well and have the content and hopefully photos really pop on my blog.  i say hopefully photos because i haven't gotten on the fancy camera bandwagon yet but maybe as this internet diary evolves i'll want to develop more talent in the photography area as well! there's so much i would like to document from fashion, family, and life that it would only be better with photos! so no worries on more blog changes at least for the next couple of months!

11 August 2011

august already

here in Minnesnowta we don't get a lot of summer and i'm always shocked at how quickly the summer months fly by!  one of the traditions i have with my family is to attend the Minnesota State Fair as one of our final summer rituals.  I'm looking forward to wearing some cut-off shorts and of course my new favorite J.crew vintage v-neck tees and i picked-up a pair of Simple flop flops over my Door County vacation.

i'm still looking at my dream fall wardrobe list and hoping to get a few items before the leaves start changing colors around here!

02 August 2011

fall wish list

i'm back from door county and with the closure of my mini vacation my mind has turned to fall... fall clothes that is!  I've been receiving emails with fall clothes and catalogs showing photos of sweaters, heeled booties, and all my favorite stores are getting their first waves of the new fall lines.  so even though i'm going to wear my flip flops as long as i can here are some things i'm saving/planning for this fall:

- cropped trouser pants with a slouchy tailored look
- i've been hunting for the perfect weight black skinny pants for the longest time
- stripe shirts... i know this is big right now but i want to wear them too!
- more vintage v-neck tees in the lovely slub cotton from J.Crew
- to do or not to do the chambray button down
- the Frye Carson Ballet flat
- some new scarfs.. patterned and solid
- new watch in a rose gold hue or something with a square face and leather strap

i always like to make a wish list and then before any new purcases are made i dig into my closet to see if i can re-discover anything that could fulfill my wish list.  this also gives me some structure when i'm searching sale racks and discount sites but i usually fall prey to some impulse buy no mater how many "lists" i create!

28 July 2011

off to the Door!

door county, Wisconsin that is!  one mini road trip to top off summer before sadly my fall starts kicking into gear.  oh how i love the simplicity and ok touristy feel of door county.  this Wisconsin destination has something for everyone and as cliche as it sounds it really is true.  i can be outdoorsy, shop, eat a variety of foods, relax, find great music, shop, and shop!  this getaway will also include lots of quality time with family i don't get to see very often.  all in all i'm looking forward to our mini road trip!

19 July 2011

dontchya just hate it when you can't depend on something!!

i can't seem to commit to this mini blog diary.  it's really for me and i know it's not reaching anyone but i still feel i'm letting something down... maybe it's just me i'm letting down because i want to be able to look back on this little bit of internet space and remember what i was thinking about when i was in my 20's and 30's. 

so here we go again... attempt three on staying on top of this little blog.  it's July and June was just a blur of work and my mini vacation to Las Vegas!!  oh how i wish i could go back to the glitzy crazy town of Las Vegas... but alas that would require some extra money to get me there.  heat and humidity are hitting our Midwest states and minnesnowta is no different.... there hasn't been anything temperature cool about my city for the past few weeks and i'm not enjoying this heat streak.  i'm built more for cool crisp fall days or sunny dry heat weather again hello Las Vegas. 

mental snap shot of my current outfits... long black strapless BR dress with the BORN wedges and on my arm is a One Language city canvas tote!  i can't seem to keep my legs out of my short short cut off abercrobmie denim shorts and why not i hear they make my legs look great!  lots of vintage v-necks from J.Crew and my favorite havaianas slim flip flops in black. 

20 June 2011

summer flying by already...

so this whole summer concept in Minnesnowta doesn't always work out as well as it does in my head.  we're getting lots of rain here and that doesn't bode well when you're trying to wear AG white skinny jeans or cute wedges.  instead i'm wearing my yellow Keen rain boots and new Patagonia cream rain jacket more than anything else.  so as the saying goes... rain rain go away come again another day (or really another week/month).

03 June 2011

hello June!

it's friday and i'm oh so happy that it is.  my new canvas pouch from MZ Wallace came today and it's perfect plus... 100% of proceeds from the MZW Japan Relief pouch will go to support the Japanese Red Cross Earthquake relief efforts!  i heart MZW handbags and just noticed their Autumn 2011 handbag collection which is amazing!  the BF won't be happy that i'm admiring the new MZW Autumn collection but at least right now i'm just looking :)

i'm also waiting on an impulse handbag purchase from the ebay like site bonanza.  i'm heading on vacation soon and don't want to bring my nice designer handbags but still want something with style.  so internet searching i went and the Longchamp Le Pliage totes caught my eye as functional and i just like the way they look.  i didn't want to buy one full price because this was a pinch hitter vacation bag so i found a gently used Le Pliage Medium Bilberry on bonanza and am patiently waiting for it to arrive!  i made sure to research how to spot a fake Longchamp and am confident that i've got an authentic handbag coming my way.  i'd recommend always doing extensive research on how to spot a fake handbags on ebay or The Purse Forum so you don't fall prey to a counterfeit handbag.

alrighty back to the weekend!

25 May 2011

denim. denim. denim.

i got sucked into The Outnet website and am probably going to try the James Jeans mid-rise stretch-denim skinny jeans... say that five times fast...  i realize everyone is always looking for the perfect pair of jeans but really what does that mean?  i like different types of denim, lengths, styles, washes etc. and there isn't one pair of jeans that can do all that... so i'm happy with finding lots of different styles of jeans that work with the mood i'm in at the time i'm wearing them! 

recently skinny jeans have been my friend and i know i've said in the past i would never wear them... not on this blog but in out there in life... skinny jeans just work for me and my shortness.  i have a tried and true pair of GAP jeggings (what a silly name for jeans), AG skinnies, Bleulab reversible leggings, joe's jeans, and Free People skinny cords and i'm always looking to add to my collection.  i still have and wear bootleg and straight leg jeans and talked about the recent comeback of flared jeans but lately i seem to always grab for my good 'ol skinny leg pairs!  i just love denim. denim. denim.

20 May 2011

J.Crew Factory Online

i already love J.Crew and now with their regular weekend (friday-sunday) online J.Crew Factory site there is double to love when it comes to this company!  i recently got the Factory Drawstring Henley Shirtdress in fatigue and now I understand why people sometimes buy two of the same item in different colors... cause this dress is comfy and presentable enough for work and it also comes in faded black... so maybe i should get that one too...

but what recently caught my eye on J.Crew Factory is their silk rompers and the linen-cotton stripe sweatshirts!  i'm about 5 feet 3 inches and almost petite enough to pull of a silk romper... hopefully i would look classy and not childish in a one piece ensemble.  i'm sure with the right heels and jewelry i would be able to pull off this black silk romper.  now to find the pocket book that could buy me these two fabulous items...  hopefully these items will still be on the factory site when another payday comes around! 

19 May 2011

oh handbags you are so lovely

i have a list in my head and it's not a huge major life list that has details of future accomplishments or goals... well maybe i do have those lists but this list i'm mentioning revolves around handbags.  i've mentioned before that i have a deep love and appreciation for handbags but not just any 'ol structure with handles do i love.  this almost dare i say obsession with handbags started with recognizing unique design and quality and then realizing that these two things can mesh together and become a Chloe Marcie leather tote or a Mulberry Alexa Bag...  two handbags that are very much dream bags that will probably stay on my list for awhile!

oh well it's not all about designer or well known labels when it comes to recognizing unique design and quality.  i have recently found a few handbags on etsy.com (Rib&Hull and Quote Studio) that are right at home next to my label pieces.  but there are still some handbags that do require attention even though they receive enough hype from celebrity followers etc.  Rebecca Minkoff has been teasing me with her handbags since I spotted the Nikki hobo a few years ago.  i have stalked these handbags at Saks and looked at too many color combination online and didn't think one of her designs would make it to my home for a few years...

but come what may a Rebecca Minkoff Large Savage Clutch has become mine all mine.  now just a reminder to strangers that may someday read this blog if i keep it active or forget about this internet space i've hollowed out... this is a blog about my fashion insights not about all of who i am... but of course i risk being judged as materialistic by putting a fashion blog online... and isn't sharing your thoughts online meant to be judged... so to the masses i continue to share this one side of me.  now back to life but in a very stylish fashion with my RM clutch hanging by my side :) 

16 May 2011

oh I am the envious type...

if you haven't heard about EmersonMade then shame on you fashion lovers.  oh and shame on me for not having the pocket book to go seriously crazy on their website... oh the silk print blouses i would own and the kimchi pants i would rock out!  i was delightfully treated to one of EmersonMade's gold coin necklaces and couldn't be happier with the design! that sentence requires a shout out to the BF who remembered my want.. ahem my need to have an EmersonMade accessory.  but if you don't believe me and what i write just read the lovely article about EmersonMade over at Boston Home.

05 May 2011

i knew i'd fall off the wagon...

so since birthday week i've fallen off the wagon of posting about all things fashion/style that run through my head... i've been prepping for a short summer holiday and have been oh-so-excited to pack even though I don't leave until JUNE.  i love the preparation and planning that goes with traveling.  i make lists and get so much joy out of crossing things of said list!  so far i have a pair of BORN Zee wedges in the mail that were on my list and when they arrrive i hope i love them as much as i do from the online photos.

18 April 2011

birthday week!

oh yes it's that time again to get older and i like to make a big fuss about it around the ones who truly love me.  i've always enjoyed birthdays and plan to continue to enjoy the celebrations or transitions that happen on my day of birth.  so birthday week... i decided on this concept a few years ago because one day is not enough to celebrate ones birthday!  so far the weeks off to a decent start but for some reason i've scheduled a physical for today... so hopefully that's the only bump in the road for birthday week!

14 April 2011

love MiH Jeans

oh how i love this British denim brand.  i got to snag a pair of their Oslo jeans for quite the price on the theoutnet.com this fall but what i would really like is a pair of their Marrakesh or Breathless jeans.  oh to dream!  a true denim lover you are not until you have tried a pair of MiH Jeans.  the British sure do know how to make a back side look good! 

13 April 2011

what's my style...

since i dare to write about fashion it might be interesting to know what i live and breath in regards to this feisty topic!  again i was born in South Korea but grew-up and really made in Minnesota.  my fashion history goes a little like this... my mom has a great eye for style so i was a little munchkin dressed to impress and looked rather presentable until about the seventh or eighth grade...  during junior high my style was a bit unruly and i'm sorry to report but no photos of this period in my life can be found or at least i hope not...  high school was a lot less unruly and more plain and basic with GAP probably supplying a majority of my wardrobe and it wasn't until college that i really started to try and figure out what i was trying to accomplish with my wardrobe. 

i like quality and will shop till i can get the pieces i want at the prices my little paychecks can afford.  i have a variety of different boutiques and stores i love to visit and i'm getting the hang of online shopping... oh online shopping you tempt me with so so many possibilities!  my big vices are designer jeans and handbags but these are pieces that can be worth their investment.  so my style.. it can be described as.. classic with a bit of funk because i like to experiment every now and then but a majority of the time comfort motivates what i'll put together.  i have found that having a decent dry cleaner, tailor, and shoe repair that you trust is a must to help maintain and revitalize my wardrobe and accessories.

i heart local boutiques everywhere and don't know what i'd do without anthroplogie, J.CREW, and MZ WALLACE handbags.  oh and for online shopping... yay to Piperlime for free shipping always and Etsy for being a mecca for independent designers.  my style possibilities are endless...

11 April 2011

you are my inspiration

Some tidbits for MoNdaY!

Just a sampling of companies, designers, and sites that i very much enjoy and now you can too!

08 April 2011

jeans that flare or not this summer...

GAP vintage flared jeans in light wash
i've been viewing many a pair of flared jeans this spring.  these flared jeans from the 70's have made similar comebacks throughout my short life and i guess i'm not that surprised to see them marching back for summer 2011.  so i'm usually torn when a big fad hits if i'll jump on the bandwagon or not... well GAP had a pair of flared jeans that i couldn't resist and i think it has to do with the fact that i feel six feet tall in the jeans when in real life i teeter around five feet.  the jeans in question are GAP's Vintage flare jeans in light wash and you can read the reviews yourself on their website but i love 'em.  i did think for awhile about returning them but for the price 69.50 and i'm sure i had a coupon i decided to rock out the flared jean look this summer with some killer wedge sandals... which i need to start shopping for because here in Minnesota summer can't start soon enough! 

07 April 2011

kuddos to ribandhull

i was paging through my April issue of Lucky magazine when i see the name of a company i remember.  i... like i assume many... became absorbed with etsy.com about a year ago and would just get lost in all the amazing things available to BUY from independent designers or vintage collectors. this will be the first of many posts about my deep love of handbags. it could take me a few hours to try and explian to strangers how much i love handbags... but do not confuse me with an image of a bag lady with just any old tote with a handle as a bag and that i'm in love with that idea... so i realize i'm going to sound "icky" or unlikeable when i start explaining all i love about the right handbag but just try and compare me to a car collector... i enjoy bag designers who turn a simple storage devise into a timepiece...

ok but enough of me rambling about my affinity to handbags the reason for this post is to give a shout out to ribandhull a fantastic handbag designer from Poland!  Poland you say and again here is the beauty of Etsy they connect independent designers from Poland to little 'ol me in Minnesota.  oh consumerism you won't stop at anything!  i purchased one of their Toyko Totes last summer and fell in love with it.  simple classic shape of a tote bag but tons of attention to detail in this bag and quality leather handles that will only get better over time.  see their lovely bags and laptop sleeves for yourself on ribandhull's website and/or check out their etsy shop.  so from me last summer having to dig through many many handbags on Etsy to sitting down and opening up the April 2011 issue of Lucky magazine and seeing ribandhull well folks dreams do come true!