08 April 2011

jeans that flare or not this summer...

GAP vintage flared jeans in light wash
i've been viewing many a pair of flared jeans this spring.  these flared jeans from the 70's have made similar comebacks throughout my short life and i guess i'm not that surprised to see them marching back for summer 2011.  so i'm usually torn when a big fad hits if i'll jump on the bandwagon or not... well GAP had a pair of flared jeans that i couldn't resist and i think it has to do with the fact that i feel six feet tall in the jeans when in real life i teeter around five feet.  the jeans in question are GAP's Vintage flare jeans in light wash and you can read the reviews yourself on their website but i love 'em.  i did think for awhile about returning them but for the price 69.50 and i'm sure i had a coupon i decided to rock out the flared jean look this summer with some killer wedge sandals... which i need to start shopping for because here in Minnesota summer can't start soon enough! 

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