07 April 2011

kuddos to ribandhull

i was paging through my April issue of Lucky magazine when i see the name of a company i remember.  i... like i assume many... became absorbed with etsy.com about a year ago and would just get lost in all the amazing things available to BUY from independent designers or vintage collectors. this will be the first of many posts about my deep love of handbags. it could take me a few hours to try and explian to strangers how much i love handbags... but do not confuse me with an image of a bag lady with just any old tote with a handle as a bag and that i'm in love with that idea... so i realize i'm going to sound "icky" or unlikeable when i start explaining all i love about the right handbag but just try and compare me to a car collector... i enjoy bag designers who turn a simple storage devise into a timepiece...

ok but enough of me rambling about my affinity to handbags the reason for this post is to give a shout out to ribandhull a fantastic handbag designer from Poland!  Poland you say and again here is the beauty of Etsy they connect independent designers from Poland to little 'ol me in Minnesota.  oh consumerism you won't stop at anything!  i purchased one of their Toyko Totes last summer and fell in love with it.  simple classic shape of a tote bag but tons of attention to detail in this bag and quality leather handles that will only get better over time.  see their lovely bags and laptop sleeves for yourself on ribandhull's website and/or check out their etsy shop.  so from me last summer having to dig through many many handbags on Etsy to sitting down and opening up the April 2011 issue of Lucky magazine and seeing ribandhull well folks dreams do come true!

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