13 April 2011

what's my style...

since i dare to write about fashion it might be interesting to know what i live and breath in regards to this feisty topic!  again i was born in South Korea but grew-up and really made in Minnesota.  my fashion history goes a little like this... my mom has a great eye for style so i was a little munchkin dressed to impress and looked rather presentable until about the seventh or eighth grade...  during junior high my style was a bit unruly and i'm sorry to report but no photos of this period in my life can be found or at least i hope not...  high school was a lot less unruly and more plain and basic with GAP probably supplying a majority of my wardrobe and it wasn't until college that i really started to try and figure out what i was trying to accomplish with my wardrobe. 

i like quality and will shop till i can get the pieces i want at the prices my little paychecks can afford.  i have a variety of different boutiques and stores i love to visit and i'm getting the hang of online shopping... oh online shopping you tempt me with so so many possibilities!  my big vices are designer jeans and handbags but these are pieces that can be worth their investment.  so my style.. it can be described as.. classic with a bit of funk because i like to experiment every now and then but a majority of the time comfort motivates what i'll put together.  i have found that having a decent dry cleaner, tailor, and shoe repair that you trust is a must to help maintain and revitalize my wardrobe and accessories.

i heart local boutiques everywhere and don't know what i'd do without anthroplogie, J.CREW, and MZ WALLACE handbags.  oh and for online shopping... yay to Piperlime for free shipping always and Etsy for being a mecca for independent designers.  my style possibilities are endless...

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