25 May 2011

denim. denim. denim.

i got sucked into The Outnet website and am probably going to try the James Jeans mid-rise stretch-denim skinny jeans... say that five times fast...  i realize everyone is always looking for the perfect pair of jeans but really what does that mean?  i like different types of denim, lengths, styles, washes etc. and there isn't one pair of jeans that can do all that... so i'm happy with finding lots of different styles of jeans that work with the mood i'm in at the time i'm wearing them! 

recently skinny jeans have been my friend and i know i've said in the past i would never wear them... not on this blog but in out there in life... skinny jeans just work for me and my shortness.  i have a tried and true pair of GAP jeggings (what a silly name for jeans), AG skinnies, Bleulab reversible leggings, joe's jeans, and Free People skinny cords and i'm always looking to add to my collection.  i still have and wear bootleg and straight leg jeans and talked about the recent comeback of flared jeans but lately i seem to always grab for my good 'ol skinny leg pairs!  i just love denim. denim. denim.

20 May 2011

J.Crew Factory Online

i already love J.Crew and now with their regular weekend (friday-sunday) online J.Crew Factory site there is double to love when it comes to this company!  i recently got the Factory Drawstring Henley Shirtdress in fatigue and now I understand why people sometimes buy two of the same item in different colors... cause this dress is comfy and presentable enough for work and it also comes in faded black... so maybe i should get that one too...

but what recently caught my eye on J.Crew Factory is their silk rompers and the linen-cotton stripe sweatshirts!  i'm about 5 feet 3 inches and almost petite enough to pull of a silk romper... hopefully i would look classy and not childish in a one piece ensemble.  i'm sure with the right heels and jewelry i would be able to pull off this black silk romper.  now to find the pocket book that could buy me these two fabulous items...  hopefully these items will still be on the factory site when another payday comes around! 

19 May 2011

oh handbags you are so lovely

i have a list in my head and it's not a huge major life list that has details of future accomplishments or goals... well maybe i do have those lists but this list i'm mentioning revolves around handbags.  i've mentioned before that i have a deep love and appreciation for handbags but not just any 'ol structure with handles do i love.  this almost dare i say obsession with handbags started with recognizing unique design and quality and then realizing that these two things can mesh together and become a Chloe Marcie leather tote or a Mulberry Alexa Bag...  two handbags that are very much dream bags that will probably stay on my list for awhile!

oh well it's not all about designer or well known labels when it comes to recognizing unique design and quality.  i have recently found a few handbags on etsy.com (Rib&Hull and Quote Studio) that are right at home next to my label pieces.  but there are still some handbags that do require attention even though they receive enough hype from celebrity followers etc.  Rebecca Minkoff has been teasing me with her handbags since I spotted the Nikki hobo a few years ago.  i have stalked these handbags at Saks and looked at too many color combination online and didn't think one of her designs would make it to my home for a few years...

but come what may a Rebecca Minkoff Large Savage Clutch has become mine all mine.  now just a reminder to strangers that may someday read this blog if i keep it active or forget about this internet space i've hollowed out... this is a blog about my fashion insights not about all of who i am... but of course i risk being judged as materialistic by putting a fashion blog online... and isn't sharing your thoughts online meant to be judged... so to the masses i continue to share this one side of me.  now back to life but in a very stylish fashion with my RM clutch hanging by my side :) 

16 May 2011

oh I am the envious type...

if you haven't heard about EmersonMade then shame on you fashion lovers.  oh and shame on me for not having the pocket book to go seriously crazy on their website... oh the silk print blouses i would own and the kimchi pants i would rock out!  i was delightfully treated to one of EmersonMade's gold coin necklaces and couldn't be happier with the design! that sentence requires a shout out to the BF who remembered my want.. ahem my need to have an EmersonMade accessory.  but if you don't believe me and what i write just read the lovely article about EmersonMade over at Boston Home.

05 May 2011

i knew i'd fall off the wagon...

so since birthday week i've fallen off the wagon of posting about all things fashion/style that run through my head... i've been prepping for a short summer holiday and have been oh-so-excited to pack even though I don't leave until JUNE.  i love the preparation and planning that goes with traveling.  i make lists and get so much joy out of crossing things of said list!  so far i have a pair of BORN Zee wedges in the mail that were on my list and when they arrrive i hope i love them as much as i do from the online photos.