25 May 2011

denim. denim. denim.

i got sucked into The Outnet website and am probably going to try the James Jeans mid-rise stretch-denim skinny jeans... say that five times fast...  i realize everyone is always looking for the perfect pair of jeans but really what does that mean?  i like different types of denim, lengths, styles, washes etc. and there isn't one pair of jeans that can do all that... so i'm happy with finding lots of different styles of jeans that work with the mood i'm in at the time i'm wearing them! 

recently skinny jeans have been my friend and i know i've said in the past i would never wear them... not on this blog but in out there in life... skinny jeans just work for me and my shortness.  i have a tried and true pair of GAP jeggings (what a silly name for jeans), AG skinnies, Bleulab reversible leggings, joe's jeans, and Free People skinny cords and i'm always looking to add to my collection.  i still have and wear bootleg and straight leg jeans and talked about the recent comeback of flared jeans but lately i seem to always grab for my good 'ol skinny leg pairs!  i just love denim. denim. denim.

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