20 May 2011

J.Crew Factory Online

i already love J.Crew and now with their regular weekend (friday-sunday) online J.Crew Factory site there is double to love when it comes to this company!  i recently got the Factory Drawstring Henley Shirtdress in fatigue and now I understand why people sometimes buy two of the same item in different colors... cause this dress is comfy and presentable enough for work and it also comes in faded black... so maybe i should get that one too...

but what recently caught my eye on J.Crew Factory is their silk rompers and the linen-cotton stripe sweatshirts!  i'm about 5 feet 3 inches and almost petite enough to pull of a silk romper... hopefully i would look classy and not childish in a one piece ensemble.  i'm sure with the right heels and jewelry i would be able to pull off this black silk romper.  now to find the pocket book that could buy me these two fabulous items...  hopefully these items will still be on the factory site when another payday comes around! 

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