19 May 2011

oh handbags you are so lovely

i have a list in my head and it's not a huge major life list that has details of future accomplishments or goals... well maybe i do have those lists but this list i'm mentioning revolves around handbags.  i've mentioned before that i have a deep love and appreciation for handbags but not just any 'ol structure with handles do i love.  this almost dare i say obsession with handbags started with recognizing unique design and quality and then realizing that these two things can mesh together and become a Chloe Marcie leather tote or a Mulberry Alexa Bag...  two handbags that are very much dream bags that will probably stay on my list for awhile!

oh well it's not all about designer or well known labels when it comes to recognizing unique design and quality.  i have recently found a few handbags on etsy.com (Rib&Hull and Quote Studio) that are right at home next to my label pieces.  but there are still some handbags that do require attention even though they receive enough hype from celebrity followers etc.  Rebecca Minkoff has been teasing me with her handbags since I spotted the Nikki hobo a few years ago.  i have stalked these handbags at Saks and looked at too many color combination online and didn't think one of her designs would make it to my home for a few years...

but come what may a Rebecca Minkoff Large Savage Clutch has become mine all mine.  now just a reminder to strangers that may someday read this blog if i keep it active or forget about this internet space i've hollowed out... this is a blog about my fashion insights not about all of who i am... but of course i risk being judged as materialistic by putting a fashion blog online... and isn't sharing your thoughts online meant to be judged... so to the masses i continue to share this one side of me.  now back to life but in a very stylish fashion with my RM clutch hanging by my side :) 

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