03 June 2011

hello June!

it's friday and i'm oh so happy that it is.  my new canvas pouch from MZ Wallace came today and it's perfect plus... 100% of proceeds from the MZW Japan Relief pouch will go to support the Japanese Red Cross Earthquake relief efforts!  i heart MZW handbags and just noticed their Autumn 2011 handbag collection which is amazing!  the BF won't be happy that i'm admiring the new MZW Autumn collection but at least right now i'm just looking :)

i'm also waiting on an impulse handbag purchase from the ebay like site bonanza.  i'm heading on vacation soon and don't want to bring my nice designer handbags but still want something with style.  so internet searching i went and the Longchamp Le Pliage totes caught my eye as functional and i just like the way they look.  i didn't want to buy one full price because this was a pinch hitter vacation bag so i found a gently used Le Pliage Medium Bilberry on bonanza and am patiently waiting for it to arrive!  i made sure to research how to spot a fake Longchamp and am confident that i've got an authentic handbag coming my way.  i'd recommend always doing extensive research on how to spot a fake handbags on ebay or The Purse Forum so you don't fall prey to a counterfeit handbag.

alrighty back to the weekend!

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