28 September 2011

hooked on The Sing Off

have you seen this show??  i can't seem to watch enough of this show The Sing Off. i used to catch So You Think You Can Dance but haven't caught an episode in about two years but now i have a replacement show because these people can SING! i'm even catching-up on past seasons with Hulu and youtube... The Sing Off, like most performance based shows, scours the country in search of the best a cappella groups, ranging in various sizes and ages. it is truly amazing what talented singers can do with their voices! the clip below is from a past season but it's just so good!

21 September 2011

oh my addiction to handbags...

what is it with my addiction to handbags... it doesn't matter if i had every dream bag i wanted because new bags would pop up with great style and design and then i'd need to have it!  for example like this new canvas and leather tote from Rib&Hull

Rib&Hull Technical Brief - Organic Canvas and Sienna Brown Leather

20 September 2011


i've found a few more items to keep my eye on for fall... i can't decide about the handbag but i truly like Timberland's take on a moccasin shoe!

kate spade fashion nylon jasmine
timberland women's Earthkeepers Caska Moccasin

19 September 2011

update from fall wish list...

this weekend i got to walk through J.Crew in Maple Grove and saw the perfect gray/navy stripped long sleeved boat neck shirt (say that five times fast) AND it was on a promotion price for $19.50 PLUS i got another 15% off with my college ID... these types of situations result in a sort of "retail glow" on my face!

15 September 2011

MiH Breathless Jeans in Pinetop up for sale!

just a quick FYI i'm selling a brand new pair of MiH Breathless jeans in Pinetop wash size 26 on ebay and you can find my listing by clicking here! these are amazing jeans and i already own this style in the Archive wash. i'd wear these jeans everyday if my co-workers wouldn't stare at my funny wondering why i don't change my clothes! you can also read a great review of the MiH Breathless jeans in Pinetop on the popular denim site denimblog.com.

14 September 2011

new sneaks!

i've been waking up and noticing the air is changing from summer to fall and this means finding proper footwear for the cooler weather. i love flip flops and would wear them all year round if i was living in a climate that stayed warm enough to do so... but i don't.  Minnesota is always changing it's mind if it wants to be warm, cool, cold, or colder than cold! i just received my first pair of Nike Oceania shoes in white/grey-neutral grey. these shoes are comfy and just seem to fit my low key classic style vibe right now! i'll still wear my flip flops until it's uncomfortably cold to have them on my feet but now i also have a pair of casual shoes to wear when my mind accepts that summer is over :) 

nike oceania

13 September 2011

missoni for target all over the place

Missoni for target has crashed target's website and sunk my dreams of grabbing a little Missoni in my price range. oh the cute flats and the travel bags or the detailed print bobby pins or or or...  you get the idea. i think it's neat that Missoni and target teamed-up together as other high end brands have done before. i won't know what the quality feels like of these Missoni for target items cause i can't seem to get my hands on any of their items but i'm sure they wouldn't waste their time producing a line of items that would just fall apart :)

12 September 2011

Design Sponge at HOME book should be on my door steps!

ever since Domino magazine aka "the guide to living with style" went out of print i've regretted not keeping every issue i ever owned. i loved Domino magazine and their ability to always be so colorful and hip. this magazine always had a seamless way of meshing fashion with interiors and i always took my time with each page spread... sometimes they packed so much into their magazine it was sensory overload! i've since purchased domino the book of decorating and also recently picked-up Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces, but I'm eagerly awaiting leafing through the pages of Grace Bonney's Design Sponge at HOME decor book! my excitement for this book feels like the anticipation i used to have for a new issue of Domino magazine! i heart the Design Sponge's website but have to admit i'm still getting used to their new layout/design (even though it's been out for months) but the content is still the same wonderful self that i have always enjoyed. i pre-ordered this book over the summer but it's apparently available already on Overstock.com for $24.43 shipped so check it out if your in need of another stylish design resource!

09 September 2011

have you heard of Swag52?

swag52.com is a site for exclusive pricing at local Twin Cities boutiques and restaurants and i can't remember how i found this site but i'm already loving' the deals they have been sharing! i haven't joined groupon or livingsocial because BF has this area covered but give me a site that concentrates on our amazing local boutiques and i'm in! this weeks deal/certificate is for one of my favorite shops OPM Boutique! the certificate is $60 for $100 of merchandise at OPM Boutique! i live within walking distance of this shop and it's dangerous! they have a refined selection of denim and some of my favorite purse brands like Rebecca Minkoff and Mulberry and a variety of cocktail dresses, jewelry and shoes. so again if you're looking for deals that focus in on our thriving high end boutique options in the Twin Cities you'll have to join SWAG 52 and don't forget to check out the great deal they are promoting for OPM Boutique in St. Louis Park.

08 September 2011

don't miss Fashion's Night Out!

tonight is a big night for fashion and if i was lucky to be in New York i'd take in every minute of tonight's Fashion's Night Out festivities in the Big Apple.. but i'm here in grand 'ol Minnesota and will make do with the parties happening in Edina's Galleria! there will be good food, dancing, trunk shows, and some great deals happening in a ton of shops in the Galleria tonight and they are staying open late so guests can really take-in everything that's happening! i'm pretty excited for tonight and hope today goes by quickly so i get to focusing on tonight's festivities.

02 September 2011

updates to my Fall wish list!

since i wrote my Fall wish list about a month ago some of my wishes have come true!

- black skinny pants found in the sale section of Lands' End Canvs, Women's Stretch 5-pocket Pants
- rose gold watch fablous gift from BF, Fossil Maddox Stainless Steel in Rose 

i'll try to keep ya'll posted as i complete the Fall wish list!

blog design changes..

i usually don't like change but for some reason i haven't been able to find a blog template that really reflected how i wanted my blog to appear... until now!  i think this layout, font, and colors are truly grooving with how i want my blog to appear to the big wide world of web!  i've always admired blogs that effectively use white backgrounds and i really wanted to have a blank canvas type blog as well and have the content and hopefully photos really pop on my blog.  i say hopefully photos because i haven't gotten on the fancy camera bandwagon yet but maybe as this internet diary evolves i'll want to develop more talent in the photography area as well! there's so much i would like to document from fashion, family, and life that it would only be better with photos! so no worries on more blog changes at least for the next couple of months!