29 November 2011

re-cap... black friday, small business saturday, and cyber monday

lions, and tigers, and bears oh my!

ah the first craziness of the holiday shopping has come to a close.  did you survive.. or maybe pass the last few days by without getting caught-up in shopping or maybe you were like me and wanted to be all prepared for the deals that came but didn't save enough money to take advantage of a single deal??  yeah MiH Jeans had 30% off their site this past weekend and so did the ever fabulous EmersonMade.  shopbop had 20% their site, Lo&Sons gave a whopping 40% off some of their bags, Lands' End Canvas was giving 30% all purchases, Anthropologie did a most beautiful thing and gave an additional 50% off sale merchandise from 6am to 11am online and in-stores... seriously this all reminded me how i should have stashed a few hundred away to spoil myself and the ones i loved with great deals.

i used to be so good at saving when i was little.  i was the kid who would have rolls of money from babysitting and yard work too nervous or cautious to spend it on something i wanted regardless of the fact if i needed it or not.  always saving for a rainy day or natural disaster because those are so common in Minnesota... well we do get a fair share of tornado's... ok ok but really i wish i could have taken part in a few silly materialistic shopping deals this past weekend.  maybe next year.  maybe next year.

23 November 2011

gobble gobble

happy turkey week folks!  i write week because my turkey day festivities are stretched out into two days not just one... Friday is really when i'm going to be getting my eat on!  my mom has a talent for cooking and i'm sure most folks think their parents can cook... but really do they prep a brine for their Turkey three days in advance?  yeah my mom has a talent and her cooking ability is really only one of many talents.  love you mom.  safe travels to everyone and oh yes... happy shopping to ya'll too! 

17 November 2011


oh November you are here and i only posted once in October... tear.  what's been happening since you may ask... well we've celebrated my mom's birthday in style at Pizzeria Lola, made a photo notepad via the site pinhole press of my adorable puppy chloe, another MZ Wallace bag has found its way to my house but for a good cause thank you Artists for Haiti for making it a fantastic excuse to give myself an early present, i tried a pumpkin spice soy latte only to see it's time for Starbucks Christmas blend seriously time where do you go?  it's dropping down to the low 20's here in Minnesnowta and any day now we could start seeing snow flurries so i think fall is kinda official over.  hello winter i'm not ready.