29 November 2011

re-cap... black friday, small business saturday, and cyber monday

lions, and tigers, and bears oh my!

ah the first craziness of the holiday shopping has come to a close.  did you survive.. or maybe pass the last few days by without getting caught-up in shopping or maybe you were like me and wanted to be all prepared for the deals that came but didn't save enough money to take advantage of a single deal??  yeah MiH Jeans had 30% off their site this past weekend and so did the ever fabulous EmersonMade.  shopbop had 20% their site, Lo&Sons gave a whopping 40% off some of their bags, Lands' End Canvas was giving 30% all purchases, Anthropologie did a most beautiful thing and gave an additional 50% off sale merchandise from 6am to 11am online and in-stores... seriously this all reminded me how i should have stashed a few hundred away to spoil myself and the ones i loved with great deals.

i used to be so good at saving when i was little.  i was the kid who would have rolls of money from babysitting and yard work too nervous or cautious to spend it on something i wanted regardless of the fact if i needed it or not.  always saving for a rainy day or natural disaster because those are so common in Minnesota... well we do get a fair share of tornado's... ok ok but really i wish i could have taken part in a few silly materialistic shopping deals this past weekend.  maybe next year.  maybe next year.

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