01 December 2011

oh December

i don't know why but around this time i want to participate in "spring cleaning" but in the winter...  i have a huge urge to go through my closet and storage totes and purge things!  i'm not an extreme pack rat or hoarder but i do have a tendency to hold onto an item that i never use and just can't seem to part with.  now i think it's time to just have a good clean/purge session with my things.  i have a lovely room in our little suburban house that is mine all mine and it operates like a big walk-in closet.  lately though i just can't stand how it looks... i like to change around the dresser and chaise and desperately need to find a rug and would also like to add a small/medium sized ottoman in the near future.  now to just find the time and energy to take everything out and not get frustrated, distracted, or bored and accomplish filling-up some goodwill bags!  i used to like to consign things but i'm so lazy about taking items in and forget to check my balances and i don't like to shop in these types of places so the little money i receive is just not worth all the energy.  i'll put my designer jeans and handbags on ebay but that also takes motivation!  i hope motivation hits me this weekend! 

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