23 February 2012

J.Crew Glimmer long-sleeve tee

i rarely buy anything that is "final sale" because these words scare me... i am a returner by nature and can't always commit to my purchases no matter how much i think i love them in the store or online.  i think the last thing i purchased that was final sale was my MZ Wallace Baby Jane in Cranberry and i happily have not regretted that purchase at all but then there's the recent J.Crew order... 

i'm happy with the fit and style of the Merino tatted lace sweater, the iPad case works just peachy, but then there's the Glimmer long-sleeve tee... i just can't decide if the XS is the best fit... i always order smalls lately because i've been into a more roomy fit but after looking endlessly at reviews for the Glimmer long-sleeve tee i went with an XS because that's what everyone was wearing and why at that moment did i decided to listen to everyone else! 

i think i'm just commiserating on the fact i didn't get to try on a size small and compare the fit to the XS so i'll never know if that would have been best... listen to me... ugh!  the XS does fit and the sleeves even have some length to them that makes me think the small would have been a bit big... but i'll never know and since this was all final sale purchases i'm STUCK! 

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