28 June 2012

have you heard of Lo & Sons

i've mentioned before i have a little bit of an obsession with handbags and for the past three to four years i've been pretty devoted to MZ Wallace to make me happy.  this company does not disappoint but my pocket book can not keep up with their new designs, colors, and different materials they've introduced in the last couple of years.  i have a variety of their handbags and my black Francis with leather tassels is one of my favorites to haul my crap to and from work but it gets quite heavy..

not the best photo... but meet my MZ Wallace Francis

i love the detail of the MZ Wallace Francis from the leather tassels to the variety of pockets and they always include a detachable coin purse made from the same bad ass Teflon coated material as their handbags (note some of their bags are made from leather, canvas, and non Teflon coated nylon and I'm not what coin purse material they are paired with) but again it gets heavy especially when i pack in my work iPad for the day.  so the last couple of years i've started noticing a new nylon bag that preaches loudly it is durable, fashionable, and LIGHT WEIGHT!!!

Lo & Sons offers light weight travel bags that also have a timeless design.  these bags look more designer than then do travel if you know what i mean but they take on travel like a fighter champ.  at least i've read that they travel like a champ because i'm still dreaming of owing a Lo & Sons O.G. - Overnight & Gym Bag in Raspberry.  not only do these handbags look great they problem solve for the busy traveler... where do i put my laptop... why in the padded laptop sleeve and how about the iPad they have another padded sleeve for you too and pockets for pens and wallets and even an exterior hidden pocket for that extra pair of heels or gym shoes. 

when i first noticed the company a few years ago they only offered the O.G. in classic black and possibly one other color but just recently in the last six months or so they have introduced two bright and lively colors one being Raspberry (in total they now offer six colors for their O.G. bag).  boy oh boy did i fall in love with the Raspberry color and this will be a torrid love affair that some day hopefully will have a happy ending.

wish these were my arms wrapped around the O.G. in Raspberry!
photo from Lo & Sons site

check out their website @loandsons.com yourself to see the variety of travel bags they offer and if you are lucky enough to own one of their bags in the near future please let me know how they work out for you!  i believe they are also offering a 25% off Share & Save discount code until this Sunday for you lucky should be owners!

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