25 June 2012

how was the weekend?

my weekend went something like this...

One happy beverage!

do you know what i mean by writing this past weekend actually felt like a weekend? i did the usual chores on Saturday morning but the rest of the weekend felt totally enjoyable and well... like a weekend. we had good food, good company, a bonfire, a relaxing drive to Stillwater, and a random stop in Hudson, WI to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. gotta love weekends like that.

oh and my Everlane tee came and the medium is a better fit than the small... but i'd actually like to try the women's size large because the shirts are comfy but they still aren't as long as i'd like them to be and i'm not that tall at 5' 3" but i prefer shirts that go past my hips but this is my preference.  the tee's are still very soft and feel so comfortable on it's just the overall style that's different from my favorite J.Crew vintage v-neck tees. 

one last thing from my weekend... totally got the best deal at Anthropologie on a lovely simple long muted black dress for what I thought was going to be 19.99 or something but checked out for 9.00 something and originally was 78.00 gotta love it when that happens!

good luck with Monday 'all

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