31 July 2012

finally a peak at my Joe's Jeans High Water in Geranium Tribal

hey i finally stood still and took a quick snap shot of my Joe's Jeans High Water in Geranium Tribal jeans... i refer to this color/print as ikat but it's officially Geranium Tribal... not sure if that's okay or not but it's how i remember them.  the fit is great and i took these jeans in a size 26 which is what i usually have to do with Joe's Jeans (go a size down).  i don't know what it is but i love red pants and always have.  i used to have the best pair of terracotta color overalls in high school and sadly i'm not sure where those ended-up but again i love red and these red pinkish hue jeans didn't disappoint and i just love 'em.

in this photo i have the bottoms tucked under a bit so the length would be more cropped on me since i'm so short!  i've worn the jeans twice and they haven't stretched out for me.  something to note the care label recommends dry cleaning these jeans and i'm sure it's to preserve the color/print and i'm going to dry clean them for now to see if it keeps the jeans in mint condition.  i've never dry cleaned my denim before but hey always willing to try something new in regards to keeping my clothes well cared for.  my top is just plain and boring and it's from Threads 4 Thoughts and my flip flops are from J.Crew.

27 July 2012

finally Friday and a little J.Crew

oh this week... oh this summer... oh i should just zip it because in the grand big picture my little woes and worries are just that little (but they are still quite nagging).  i did shut my brain off on Wednesday afternoon and got to meet-up with my parents to stroll the streets in Saint Paul.  we started the afternoon off at Bread & Chocolate for some drinks and pastries! 

after some re-fueling we stopped into some shops and bless his heart my father kept a smile on his face because window shopping is not really his favorite afternoon activity.  i can't go to Grand Avenue and not go into karma boutique.  this is one of my favorite boutiques in the Twin Cities and i've walked away with many a pair of shoes, accessories, and clothes.  my favorite pair of Seychelles yellow pumps are from karma and once fall rolls around you'll be seeing more photos of these beauties on my feet.  i was able to shop at karma a lot more when we lived in Saint Paul but we moved from our urban loft in 2009 and now reside in the 'burbs.

we also stopped into the new Anthropologie on Grand and it had a nice urban/neighborhood feel if that even makes sense.  i said hi to the Cap Sleeve Column Dress by Bailey 44 that i wrote about on Monday... still not mine.  i also noticed this dress by LeifNotes and the store had also put a poppy/melon colored slip underneath and i would have liked to bring that outfit home with me too... to keep the Cap Sleeve Column Dress company ya know?!

Lilium Shirtdress

finally, our last stop before dinner at Salut was J.Crew.  if i am even slightly near a J.Crew i have to go in because it's like a gravitational pull that i can't fight... i just have to go in and see what's new and if anything i've been stalking has finally gone on sale.  i tried on the Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in neon violet and i loved the color but for some reason (maybe because i'm out of shape) i'm always in-between sizes with J.Crew's skinny jeans... a 26 will fit everywhere but the important let's button-up part and a 27 will be loose everywhere but is able to do the button-up thing.  so to solve this problem i've decided to just buy dresses and will be keeping my eye on the one below. 

i should have taken a picture of the tag because i can't seem to find this dress on J.Crew's website...
but for those who  know J.Crew inside and out for a size reference I'm wearing a size 0 here
just found out that this is the Jules Dress in Snowcat rawr! 

25 July 2012

i'm on the hunt for wedding heels...

last night my knight in shining armor drove me to Mall of America (this isn't our favorite mall) in hopes of finding the perfect pair of wedding heels. i had already searched online and didn't find anything in my size from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so i had to make triple sure something wasn't being missed in the physical store at Mall of America.

to my surprise there weren't many options to pick from but there was a pair of VINCE CAMUTO platform heels that i did try on... i can't decide if i want classy timeless heels or kinda crazy colorful not so timeless heels for the big day....

my dress is classic/timeless so i'm kinda leaning towards the contrast of some crazy cool heels but i know when the right heels catch my eyes i'll just know... umm so if you haven't noticed this is kinda a big deal... the footwear... below would be my dream pair of heels... oh FENDI you look so dreamy!

Source: bhldn.com via nikki on Pinterest

24 July 2012

Sperry Top-Sider 'Pearlfish' Boat Shoe... say that five times fast!

Sperry Top-Sider 'Pearlfish' Boat Shoe at Nordstrom
i don't boat or live near a respectably large body of water but i still need these boat shoes right?!  i've never tried a pair of Sperry shoes before but i ordered this style from Nordstrom in a 7 and a 6.5 since i'm not sure what size i am with this brand of kicks.  Nordstrom is having their Anniversary Sale and these beauties or at least i think they are beauties were on sale so go on and check this celebration out! 

so update... i couldn't do it... these shoes just tore up my feet (walking around the house) and i know folks say that there is a "break-in" period with sperry's but i just didn't think it was worth it to hobble around with mad scars on my heels to eventually get to the "comfy" period of these shoes... for sizing reference if anyone needs it... i usually am always a size 7 in shoes/heels but if i would have kept these shoes i would have gone with the 6.5 they just fit better than the 7 which were way too long on my foot.  the quality was there and they looked cute on my feet if i didn't move but walking is required for my life so they went back and i'm still on the hunt for cute flats for fall. 

23 July 2012

can i have this please...

Anthropologie has this Cap Sleeve Column Dress by Baily 44's and I just gush over this dress.  I've tried it on and the fit is just va va voom and with the right shoes... oh it could go to work or out for the night! 

photos from the weekend!

snoozing in her donut
nabbed this at The Bookcase and Crazy Days in Wayzata, Mn 
breaking-in the corn hole toss

oh baby Fiat can I turbo charge you and make you mine?

19 July 2012

it's almost Friday...

- i'm still getting a lot of wear out of my Born wedges i got last year
- pink horrorshow just did a post about Lo & Sons O.G. bag... i still am lusting over this bag!!
- we got some rain yesterday and in the Midwest rain is a good thing just like Luke Bryan sings
- did i say it's almost Friday... well i'll say it again
- i've been outta school since 2005 but i stll get excited for school supplies... that's okay right?!

some of my back-to-school picks

- TRUFFLE clarity pouch in Bright Peony
- can't go wrong with a Bic Cristal ballpoint pen
Gel Highlighter pen.. just too cool
keep cup to keep me going with the caffine/tea/h2o 

18 July 2012

Rebecca Minkoff cover of Call Me Maybe with Hilary Rhoda and the man repeller

so i'm not always up-to-date with all things fad or cool (perhaps obnoxious) when it comes to music but i remember this song because my sister had mentioned in passing that she didn't hate it.  then i was reading my bloglovin feeds and ran across this cover of Call Me Maybe and thought hey i can like this song when it's re-done Rebecca Minkoff style!  this is just a goofy random post but thanks Rebecca Minkoff for the creativity, humor, and ability to cover Call Me Maybe.

p.s. I love your handbags too!!! 

17 July 2012

love it when mails for me!

awhile back i took advantage of MiH Jeans SALE, which is still going on if you are interested, and ordered a pair of their coveted Marrakesh jeans in the Hutton wash.  i read a bunch of reviews on the Marrakesh fit on shopbop.com but they were for a different wash and ordered my usual designer size in denim which is a 27 but in the Hutton wash they were way too big on me and i had to send them back for a size 26.  thankfully MiH was pretty understanding of the situation and sent the exchange without charging me additional shipping.  for orders in the U.S. MiH offers free returns but I'm not sure exactly how they approach every exchange.

the verdict... i love these new jeans and the wash was exactly what i was looking for a very saturated dark blue denim with the perfect amount of stretch.  my tag line should be crappy photo gal but above is half a shot of the new jeans with a photo bomb by our beagle Howard aka Howie but i like to call him Howard!  i'm too into details so i could ramble on and on about my new jeans but the three highlights are color, fit (i should note these jeans are long and designed that way to let the owner tailor them to the specific length they want), and the details MiH puts into their denim. 

my other present to myself was an order from Bumble and bumble!  my first online order from them because i usually pick-up their products when i get my haircut but i wasn't going in for a cut anytime soon.  i ordered my usual their thickening hairspray which i just love! love! love!  i also tried something new their tonic lotion which i'm just trying out and don't have much to say yet but am looking forward to using this with their thickening hairspray. 

umm and yes i took advantage of Bumble and bumble's free gift wrapping but hey it was a gift to me!

16 July 2012

bare with me bloglovin' tutorials

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hmm trying to figure out bloglovin'

photos from the weekend!

'Merica compliments of Sweden

armrest... yes please!

was told I'd look good on this
food truck lingo

and their deep fried apple pie was pretty tasty too

Minneapolis Farmer's Market

Korean feast!  my mom can cook like nobody else

13 July 2012

happy Friday!!

oh my sweet surprise it's Friday again and ya'll know how i feel about Friday's.

i was twittering away with something on my blog and now i can't get the damn gray border around my photos (barely can call them photos but anyway) to go away even though all the settings in blogger are set to transparent... oh to be a techie meets graphic designer genius!  why do i feel all this summer i've felt worn out?  well this wrap-up of a week is no different and i could have slept in all day if work was not an issue but i do so appreciate getting paid so wrestling with my alarm clock was not necessary.  

this weekend i hope is filled with sun, good food, my exchange MiH jeans coming home to me, hang time with the pups and the dude in my life, and sleep.  now to continue my Friday ramble... i mentioned awhile ago that i had ordered some t-shirts from Lands' End Canvas (LEC) and i only kept the white one that i wore with my new m2f denims.  i'm usually an XS in LEC and kept the white color since you can never really have enough white comfy t-shirts and i usually stain or tear a hole in one a summer.

not much else new.  found through a random blog a contact/glasses site that will give you your first pair free of glasses only i think.  played with their virtual try on function and hope these new babies don't look awful on me.  i'll be sure to post an actual outfit of my new Joe's Jeans and sorry for the lame Sneak Peak and then nothing but again i don't really have a streamlined way of getting photos up on my blog besides the ever popular mirror meets cellphone photo ops!

have nice weekend!

10 July 2012

m2f brand denims

i mentioned about a week ago i picked-up a pair of m2f brand denims shorts.  these shorts caught my eye a few years ago on singer22.com but i wasn't sure what size to buy and couldn't decide on a color.  then i forgot about these shorts for awhile until this past week when we were walking in Uptown.  i saw my m2f shorts in a window display and basically ran into the store to try them on.  the shorts fit like a dream.  the denim is substantial yet isn't stiff and just hugs your body perfectly in my opinion.

now disclaimer... i'm awful at taking photos... i don't have someone that is eger to take a bunch of blog photos... and i didn't pick-up my closet room before i took this sad outfit photo... BUT you'll still get my feedback on these shorts... so that's something right?

i'm about 5' 3" and purchased a size 27 in these shorts and i'm pretty sure the color is watermelon.  i probably could have gone with a size 26 because they are so stretchy but i didn't want them to be crazy skin tight on me.  they do hold their shape pretty well after a days wear and i'm happy i finally got to give these shorts a try and plan to buy another pair in lilac!

another great thing about m2f brand denims is their commitment to being eco friendly.  m2f has developed their denim in an eco conscious way with their Made2Fade Technology Yarn and Clear H20 Colors Dye Process.. umm say that five times fast.

09 July 2012

photos from the weekend

chloe coping with the crazy heat wave

little drive on the 4th and saw some army vehicals coming back from a parade

too hot to grill on the 4th of July so we went out...
too bad the restaurants air conditoning wasn't working
we tried to cool off with these big beverages
new patio lamp from the folks

tried sorting through my spice drawer and took this photo
 so now i know what not to purchase over and over again
who needs three bottles of cumin!

05 July 2012

taking a risk with Ikat

now what is a good distraction from 100 degree heat... hmm shopping?  today is a bit better than yesterday and i was willing to get out and move since most of the 4th of July i tried to stay as still as possible.  i mean yesterday the thermostat was reading 104 degrees! we didn't even get the grill going yesterday because we feared we'd end up melting but we did brave the heat to catch some fireworks cause it's probably un American not to see fireworks on the 4th of July.

today it's a cool 90 degrees and my mom and i got outside for a little movement!  anthropologie is currently taking an additional 25% off their sale racks and we just happened to be near the West End and stopped in for a bit of browsing.  i've had my eye on a pair of brightly colored jeans from Joe's Jeans and decided it was time for these to come home with me....

Joe's Jeans The High Water in Geranium Tribal
 now i know they are bold but i've always had a thing for red pants and these don't look terrible on me (just don't ask my other half for his opinion).  with the perfect slouchy white tee and a pair of summer wedges these jeans make quite the outfit and i'll post pictures when i take these jeans out for a spin.  Joe's Jeans always run a little big on me and i did go with a size 26 in this style just for reference.  i know these may shock my co-workers and friends but i'm determined to get a lot of good use out of them and may even wear them into the cooler months... oh fall i'm looking forward to you!

02 July 2012

heat wave!!

holy heat batman... it's been hot and humid in the Twin Cities the past few days and i don't see any relief in sight... i'm all for summer but when the heat index gets out of control i'm running to the closest air conditioned building. i used to be a tough kid who would be out playing soccer tournaments in heat like this but now i just seem to wilt in extreme heat.  we did manage to enjoy Saturday and had a few friends over for grilling and cocktails plus i happened to find a pair of m2f denim shorts i've been eying for awhile.  we also saw the movie TED which if you need a break from the summer heat I'd recommend this flick for a few laughs.  well it's back to the grind stone for a couple of days and then i'm taking a break from work to enjoy the 4th of July!