27 July 2012

finally Friday and a little J.Crew

oh this week... oh this summer... oh i should just zip it because in the grand big picture my little woes and worries are just that little (but they are still quite nagging).  i did shut my brain off on Wednesday afternoon and got to meet-up with my parents to stroll the streets in Saint Paul.  we started the afternoon off at Bread & Chocolate for some drinks and pastries! 

after some re-fueling we stopped into some shops and bless his heart my father kept a smile on his face because window shopping is not really his favorite afternoon activity.  i can't go to Grand Avenue and not go into karma boutique.  this is one of my favorite boutiques in the Twin Cities and i've walked away with many a pair of shoes, accessories, and clothes.  my favorite pair of Seychelles yellow pumps are from karma and once fall rolls around you'll be seeing more photos of these beauties on my feet.  i was able to shop at karma a lot more when we lived in Saint Paul but we moved from our urban loft in 2009 and now reside in the 'burbs.

we also stopped into the new Anthropologie on Grand and it had a nice urban/neighborhood feel if that even makes sense.  i said hi to the Cap Sleeve Column Dress by Bailey 44 that i wrote about on Monday... still not mine.  i also noticed this dress by LeifNotes and the store had also put a poppy/melon colored slip underneath and i would have liked to bring that outfit home with me too... to keep the Cap Sleeve Column Dress company ya know?!

Lilium Shirtdress

finally, our last stop before dinner at Salut was J.Crew.  if i am even slightly near a J.Crew i have to go in because it's like a gravitational pull that i can't fight... i just have to go in and see what's new and if anything i've been stalking has finally gone on sale.  i tried on the Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in neon violet and i loved the color but for some reason (maybe because i'm out of shape) i'm always in-between sizes with J.Crew's skinny jeans... a 26 will fit everywhere but the important let's button-up part and a 27 will be loose everywhere but is able to do the button-up thing.  so to solve this problem i've decided to just buy dresses and will be keeping my eye on the one below. 

i should have taken a picture of the tag because i can't seem to find this dress on J.Crew's website...
but for those who  know J.Crew inside and out for a size reference I'm wearing a size 0 here
just found out that this is the Jules Dress in Snowcat rawr! 

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