31 July 2012

finally a peak at my Joe's Jeans High Water in Geranium Tribal

hey i finally stood still and took a quick snap shot of my Joe's Jeans High Water in Geranium Tribal jeans... i refer to this color/print as ikat but it's officially Geranium Tribal... not sure if that's okay or not but it's how i remember them.  the fit is great and i took these jeans in a size 26 which is what i usually have to do with Joe's Jeans (go a size down).  i don't know what it is but i love red pants and always have.  i used to have the best pair of terracotta color overalls in high school and sadly i'm not sure where those ended-up but again i love red and these red pinkish hue jeans didn't disappoint and i just love 'em.

in this photo i have the bottoms tucked under a bit so the length would be more cropped on me since i'm so short!  i've worn the jeans twice and they haven't stretched out for me.  something to note the care label recommends dry cleaning these jeans and i'm sure it's to preserve the color/print and i'm going to dry clean them for now to see if it keeps the jeans in mint condition.  i've never dry cleaned my denim before but hey always willing to try something new in regards to keeping my clothes well cared for.  my top is just plain and boring and it's from Threads 4 Thoughts and my flip flops are from J.Crew.

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