13 July 2012

happy Friday!!

oh my sweet surprise it's Friday again and ya'll know how i feel about Friday's.

i was twittering away with something on my blog and now i can't get the damn gray border around my photos (barely can call them photos but anyway) to go away even though all the settings in blogger are set to transparent... oh to be a techie meets graphic designer genius!  why do i feel all this summer i've felt worn out?  well this wrap-up of a week is no different and i could have slept in all day if work was not an issue but i do so appreciate getting paid so wrestling with my alarm clock was not necessary.  

this weekend i hope is filled with sun, good food, my exchange MiH jeans coming home to me, hang time with the pups and the dude in my life, and sleep.  now to continue my Friday ramble... i mentioned awhile ago that i had ordered some t-shirts from Lands' End Canvas (LEC) and i only kept the white one that i wore with my new m2f denims.  i'm usually an XS in LEC and kept the white color since you can never really have enough white comfy t-shirts and i usually stain or tear a hole in one a summer.

not much else new.  found through a random blog a contact/glasses site that will give you your first pair free of glasses only i think.  played with their virtual try on function and hope these new babies don't look awful on me.  i'll be sure to post an actual outfit of my new Joe's Jeans and sorry for the lame Sneak Peak and then nothing but again i don't really have a streamlined way of getting photos up on my blog besides the ever popular mirror meets cellphone photo ops!

have nice weekend!

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