02 July 2012

heat wave!!

holy heat batman... it's been hot and humid in the Twin Cities the past few days and i don't see any relief in sight... i'm all for summer but when the heat index gets out of control i'm running to the closest air conditioned building. i used to be a tough kid who would be out playing soccer tournaments in heat like this but now i just seem to wilt in extreme heat.  we did manage to enjoy Saturday and had a few friends over for grilling and cocktails plus i happened to find a pair of m2f denim shorts i've been eying for awhile.  we also saw the movie TED which if you need a break from the summer heat I'd recommend this flick for a few laughs.  well it's back to the grind stone for a couple of days and then i'm taking a break from work to enjoy the 4th of July!


  1. It's been disgustingly hot here in Chicago too. So you thought Ted was pretty good? I was curious how that movie would be..


  2. hello! TED was totally entertaining and a nice break from the heat. I also like to see Mila Kunis in movies because they usually give her a great wardrobe. Thanks so much for stopping by!