25 July 2012

i'm on the hunt for wedding heels...

last night my knight in shining armor drove me to Mall of America (this isn't our favorite mall) in hopes of finding the perfect pair of wedding heels. i had already searched online and didn't find anything in my size from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so i had to make triple sure something wasn't being missed in the physical store at Mall of America.

to my surprise there weren't many options to pick from but there was a pair of VINCE CAMUTO platform heels that i did try on... i can't decide if i want classy timeless heels or kinda crazy colorful not so timeless heels for the big day....

my dress is classic/timeless so i'm kinda leaning towards the contrast of some crazy cool heels but i know when the right heels catch my eyes i'll just know... umm so if you haven't noticed this is kinda a big deal... the footwear... below would be my dream pair of heels... oh FENDI you look so dreamy!

Source: bhldn.com via nikki on Pinterest

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