19 July 2012

it's almost Friday...

- i'm still getting a lot of wear out of my Born wedges i got last year
- pink horrorshow just did a post about Lo & Sons O.G. bag... i still am lusting over this bag!!
- we got some rain yesterday and in the Midwest rain is a good thing just like Luke Bryan sings
- did i say it's almost Friday... well i'll say it again
- i've been outta school since 2005 but i stll get excited for school supplies... that's okay right?!

some of my back-to-school picks

- TRUFFLE clarity pouch in Bright Peony
- can't go wrong with a Bic Cristal ballpoint pen
Gel Highlighter pen.. just too cool
keep cup to keep me going with the caffine/tea/h2o 

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