10 July 2012

m2f brand denims

i mentioned about a week ago i picked-up a pair of m2f brand denims shorts.  these shorts caught my eye a few years ago on singer22.com but i wasn't sure what size to buy and couldn't decide on a color.  then i forgot about these shorts for awhile until this past week when we were walking in Uptown.  i saw my m2f shorts in a window display and basically ran into the store to try them on.  the shorts fit like a dream.  the denim is substantial yet isn't stiff and just hugs your body perfectly in my opinion.

now disclaimer... i'm awful at taking photos... i don't have someone that is eger to take a bunch of blog photos... and i didn't pick-up my closet room before i took this sad outfit photo... BUT you'll still get my feedback on these shorts... so that's something right?

i'm about 5' 3" and purchased a size 27 in these shorts and i'm pretty sure the color is watermelon.  i probably could have gone with a size 26 because they are so stretchy but i didn't want them to be crazy skin tight on me.  they do hold their shape pretty well after a days wear and i'm happy i finally got to give these shorts a try and plan to buy another pair in lilac!

another great thing about m2f brand denims is their commitment to being eco friendly.  m2f has developed their denim in an eco conscious way with their Made2Fade Technology Yarn and Clear H20 Colors Dye Process.. umm say that five times fast.

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