05 July 2012

taking a risk with Ikat

now what is a good distraction from 100 degree heat... hmm shopping?  today is a bit better than yesterday and i was willing to get out and move since most of the 4th of July i tried to stay as still as possible.  i mean yesterday the thermostat was reading 104 degrees! we didn't even get the grill going yesterday because we feared we'd end up melting but we did brave the heat to catch some fireworks cause it's probably un American not to see fireworks on the 4th of July.

today it's a cool 90 degrees and my mom and i got outside for a little movement!  anthropologie is currently taking an additional 25% off their sale racks and we just happened to be near the West End and stopped in for a bit of browsing.  i've had my eye on a pair of brightly colored jeans from Joe's Jeans and decided it was time for these to come home with me....

Joe's Jeans The High Water in Geranium Tribal
 now i know they are bold but i've always had a thing for red pants and these don't look terrible on me (just don't ask my other half for his opinion).  with the perfect slouchy white tee and a pair of summer wedges these jeans make quite the outfit and i'll post pictures when i take these jeans out for a spin.  Joe's Jeans always run a little big on me and i did go with a size 26 in this style just for reference.  i know these may shock my co-workers and friends but i'm determined to get a lot of good use out of them and may even wear them into the cooler months... oh fall i'm looking forward to you!

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