16 August 2012

almost Friday!!

all this summer I've been saying how crazy life has been and how stressed and tired I've been so I took a day off to relax as best i could.  how American of me to think one day off could revive my tired self... oh to be a part of a culture that encouraged or dare I say required more time off to LIVE!

so what did i do with 24 hours to myself... i slept a little bit more and stopped to listen to the rain that came down in the morning and didn't have to worry how that would effect my morning commute... i got to meet up with my mom and we had a "nosh" at BLVD which was really tasty and so was their bloody mary... we ran some errands and then i crashed for a nap... the whole day was topped off with a pizza at home and then well yep... more sleep and on to the next day of my life. 

not that exciting but i do feel a little refreshed for the last two days of the work week.  oh and here is a look at my monster bloody mary from BLVD and apparently on the weekends they add more stuff to this and it may or may not include grilled shrimp!

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