07 August 2012

have you tried BB creams?

i mean who wouldn't want to try a face cream that says it does ten different things... if i can't multitask at least maybe my face cream can... i gave into the commercials and the magazine adds and put my money down on some BB face cream. damn you marketing you got me again!

BB creams are a combination of anti-agers, antioxidants, brighteners, and botanical actives all whipped together with sunscreen, coverage, and moisturizers. BB creams first became extremely popular in Korea and have moved quickly from Asian into the United States. i'm Korean American and ever since i started to become interested in make-up i've been trying to find brands and products that are designed for my skin tone and type. there have been improvements in colors/shades of make-up and different brands from other countries becoming more available in the United States since i was a teenager but i'm always on the look out for new products that might work well for me.

onto the review of my first attempts with BB creams. i've tried two brands so far and they are Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector and Cover Girl cgsmoothers BB cream. i like Garnier face products but this Skin Renew product didn't work with my skin. this product felt really heavy going on my face and didn't blend well with my skin color so it looked too make-upy... i tried the medium/deep shade since i get quite tan in the summer but again overall i didn't like this BB cream. i did try and mix this product with some regular Garnier face moisturizer I have and that thinned out the product but again not the ultimate results i was hoping for and i'd like a BB cream that i don't have to doctor. 

i had a coupon and the marketing is still working on me so i tried another BB cream from Cover Girl. i tried light medium because that was the best fit out of the choices they offered and this BB cream feels lighter but it still takes awhile to dry but it looks more natural on my face then the Garnier cream. i'm not sure BB cream is doing all the things it says it can do for my face but i feel like an overachiever when i put on a BB cream. i think hey i've just done seven to ten steps in my morning routine but with one product. like most things for me i'm going to have to invest more than $5.99 to get results with a BB cream but for those that find the drug store variety to work well for you... i'm sooo jealous!

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