28 September 2012

it's coming!!!!

"Greetings, We thought you'd like to know that we shipped your items, and that this completes your order.  Thanks for shopping with Lo & Sons, and we hope to see you again soon."

have you ever read more beautiful words... joking totally joking okay but i'm excited!  it's coming... my new Lo & Sons O.G. travel bag in black... not to you or you or you but to ME!  this little victory took time people... two years and half a dozen items sold on ebay time. 

no longer are the days where it's just me and my little bills and being able to impulse buy or just buy whatever i want.  it's "we" now and "we" have adult responsibilities and life happens and puppies happen and puppies are not cheap and life times two isn't cheap and gas isn't cheap and and and... but it's all rewarding and these little materialistic victories are rewarding in my little mind. 

so i hope i love it... and if i do i'll write about it... happy weekend peeps

24 September 2012

randomness from the weekend

we had a full weekend and could have used three days to enjoy it rather than the usual two!  this weekend we had our engagement photos taken and had to prep the house, yard, and puppies to be in front of a camera lens!  in-between the prep for the photos we hung out with family, went to a new dog store opening, and traveled out to Lakeville for some apple picking.  as always there were ups and downs to the weekend but everything seems to still be in tact and well here's Monday again... and a full week of work.

oh and it's officially fall... so i can officially start showing photos of Chloe in her Halloween costume right?!

my bumblebee... oh what a trooper she is!

13 September 2012

still pining for Lo & Sons O.G. bag

okay folks... so when you want something you can't have... what do you do? 

me i'm slowly selling off my possessions on ebay in hopes of owning a Lo & Sons O.G. bag sooner versus than later.  i've got a very special destination event in April and i would so love to be organized with a Lo & Sons O.G. bag for the trip but getting to the point of being able to pull the trigger on this purchase has required many a ebay auction.  there are lots of happy sucessful bloggers that have their "curtsey of" Lo & Sons bags but i'm not so lucky nor so successful...  but i hope in the next couple of months to have a nice little photo shoot of me and a new travel bag... hopefully... i hope i love it as much in-person as i do online...

someday be mine... please! Lo & Sons O.G. light weight travel bag

photo from likefreshlaundry.com

photo from A CUP of JO

10 September 2012

notes from the weekend...

have you ever started your day with an agenda and then have that agenda get turned upside down and sideways?  this past Saturday i woke-up with a Super Target trip in mind that included a pumpkin spice latte and then a Petco stop on the way home... but none of that happened oh ho hum!  instead we took the car to get washed and then i decided the Starbucks by our house would work fine instead of the Super Target stop which turned into sitting on a bench enjoying the lovely morning and finding out about Woofstock 2012! 

what you haven't heard of Woofstock?!?!!  ha well me neither but i'll be marking my calendars from now on because it's the cutest, most fun, and well organized dog appreciation event i've attended in the Twin Cities so far!  when i first started this blog i thought i'd try and be a fashion focused outfit blog type of place... but i'm not handy with a camera and don't have a boyfriend who is just dying to take my outfit photos either... but my love for my pups that i can document and share! 

okay back to Woofstock... the dog event is hosted by Linden Hills Business Association and this year marks the 8th annual Woofstock day... don't ya just love it folks!  they expected roughly 3,500 people and their dogs to take part in the 40 + booths, live music, doggie beer samples and so much more!  i didn't even get to take in the whole event because while we were chatting with the SidewalkDog.com booth we found out that the doxie races were also happening the same day... the doxie races i was supposed to have remembered and planned for... uh oh! 

it was a fabulous weekend filled with dog events galore, a trip out to Elko Speedway, and enjoying being random!

dog watching at Woofstock

doggie beer sample anyone?

taking in the festivites at Elko Speedway

what a doxie pint glass... yup!  we made it to the doxie races after all!

06 September 2012

tonight is Fashion's night!

are you partaking in any Fashion's Night Out festivities?  here in Minnesota there aren't a lot of options for parties or celebrity blogger hosted la de dah but we do have a few events in honor of Fashion tonight.  i'm slow to the fashion scene and last year was my first time seeking out FNO events.  not to disappoint the Galleria in Edina was having a FNO themed night and i dragged my other half to walk around the shops.  this year we are heading back to the Galleria to visit some shops and grab a bite at Pittsburgh Blue.  i'm excited to visit STYLEDLIFE, Coach, Len Druskin, and finally check out the new Lili Salon in the Galleria.  hopefully i'll figure out something to wear but if all else fails i'll just wear something simple or classic. 

have fun tonight! 

04 September 2012

first day of school anyone?!

i just figured out that today is my 24th first day of school if you total all the years i've attended and worked in education.  kinda crazy huh?!  it's been extremely busy this past week and weekend but hopefully i'll get caught up on some blogging this week.  i'm really looking forward to Fashion's Night Out this Thursday even if i can only attend a scaled down celebration here in Minnesota. 

well back to the grind stone but first a photo from the weekend!