13 September 2012

still pining for Lo & Sons O.G. bag

okay folks... so when you want something you can't have... what do you do? 

me i'm slowly selling off my possessions on ebay in hopes of owning a Lo & Sons O.G. bag sooner versus than later.  i've got a very special destination event in April and i would so love to be organized with a Lo & Sons O.G. bag for the trip but getting to the point of being able to pull the trigger on this purchase has required many a ebay auction.  there are lots of happy sucessful bloggers that have their "curtsey of" Lo & Sons bags but i'm not so lucky nor so successful...  but i hope in the next couple of months to have a nice little photo shoot of me and a new travel bag... hopefully... i hope i love it as much in-person as i do online...

someday be mine... please! Lo & Sons O.G. light weight travel bag

photo from likefreshlaundry.com

photo from A CUP of JO

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