31 October 2012

can i have this?!

the Original Flea oh how i saw you long ago and i'm still far away from owning you... especially with my recent Lo & Sons purchase.  money's just not falling off trees for me! 

30 October 2012

crazy denim

i'm continuing my crazy denim obsession and would like to try these bad boys on for size...

Madewell Skinny Skinny Ankle in Snakeprint

29 October 2012

oh this blog...

hello Monday... hello daunting life questions about what I'm going to do with my life... okay back to Monday... i can sorta deal with this issue.

i was trying to change a format thing on my blog in hopes of making all my personal photos the same size on the blog.  well it kinda worked but it also made some images HUGE... so sorry about that.

this past weekend was very predictable.  we ate. we did chores. we took the pups out. we relaxed.  maybe we're in a weekend rut... but we need to get all the life maintenance stuff we don't have time, energy, or natural light out to complete during the week so it all gets crammed into the weekend... leaving not a ton of go juice to do much else but relax after all the chores have been completed.

here's to a full week in the office and hopefully a few surprises during the weekend.

22 October 2012

this pup.

Howie, Me, and the proposal that was tied on his collar last January

that pup up there has my heart and he's going through a bit of a rough patch right now.  to me pets are not just pets they are family and ever since adopting my very own pup Chloe i'm just crazy about her and can't image losing her or being without her... the same goes for this pup Howie... we didn't maybe realize he was getting old until this past week when we needed to rush him to the emergency vet at 2:00 am.  i'm making him as comfy as possible and make sure he has enough treats and extra attention so he truly realizes how loved he is in our hearts.

mr. howie you are going to be with me forever and you are with me right now xoxo.

15 October 2012

lazy weekend...

we had a terribly lazy weekend. this past Saturday was rainy and foggy and it felt perfect to just lay low and catch-up on relaxing... oh yeah that thing you do when you don't or don't want to do anything at all.  Sunday we got out and stretched our legs and got a few chores done around the house but mostly this weekend was low key. 

08 October 2012

just some tid bits from the weekend...

after a rough week and the previous laboring weekend staining the fence we didn't want to have too much structure for this past weekend.  i got to sleep-in both Saturday and Sunday which was just fantastic, we decided to take a random day trip up to Duluth, and on Sunday i didn't get out of my sweats or the house... not once!

Midwest Views

Open Road
Chloe got to par take in the Duluth road trip... she looks thrilled 'eh...

if you're heading up North and will be stopping in Duluth try Tycoons!  we started at the Brewhouse but they had an hour long wait so after seeing a billboard on the way up to Duluth i remembered Tycoons and we found out they served Brewhouse beer so we ditched out on the hour long wait and headed to Tycoons.  we could have sat at a table or the bar and there was no hour long wait for a relaxing Saturday afternoon lunch at Tycoons.  the food was tasty and we'd try it again and felt kinda proud we broke from the norm to give a new business a try :)

03 October 2012

my thoughts on the Lo & Sons O.G. travel bag

okay.  okay.  i've talked and posted photos of the Lo & Sons O.G. travel bag and dreamed about it and then made owning this travel bag my personal project for the past two months... odd right?!  well not for me... handbags are my thing and i will go out of my way to make a "want" turn into a "need" and then finally "purchase" my whatever it is i've been obsessing about for way too long.

long story short i was finally able to order the Lo & Sons O.G. travel bag last week.  the bag arrived this Monday and i was so excited to get home and tear into my new package.  first, let's make clear these are my honest to goodness thoughts and impressions on this travel bag.  no one nowhere helped me purchase or gifted me this travel bag it was my own purchase with my moola.  i am NOT a handbag review expert either so take my opinions as just that my opinions!

let me sum up my experience with i'm happy with my purchase but i'm slightly torn if i should return this travel bag.  the customer service so far with Lo & Sons has been just fine and their O.G. travel bag is unique with the adjustable back panel that slides over a rolling luggage handle and extra side pocket compartment to store shoes, heels, or what have you.  i love love me some free shipping and they offer free exchanges too but there is a but…

i could say the same things as other bloggers have been saying out this bag… lots of pockets, able to stay organized, padded sleeves for iPad and laptop but for me something is just a bit off about this bag. 

when it arrived the box was crumpled and it looked like someone had opened the box and then taped it back up during travel but very poorly taped it because if it had rained this box/bag would have been all wet inside and out.  i did find the O.G. bag in a sealed plastic bag but that was it besides paper stuffing to try and reduce the bag from rolling around in the box during travel which was considerate but no tissue, no finding the bag in it's dust bag, no note or other special touch from the company.  maybe i’ve been spoiled by other sites that put more attention and detail into how they ship their products because with the O.G. there was a lack of presentation or that something unique that usually goes hand in hand with an independent company.  again this may not matter to anyone else but me.

there was and still is a strong odor to this bag and i’ve been trying to air it out since Monday but it’s still really present.  i haven’t had an issue with smell with any handbag purchase recently so this caught me off guard and part of why i’m not sure if it’s an ultimate keeper.  the hardware for the shoulder strap is not anything compared to my MZ Wallace handbags so that makes it seem “cheap” to me… i’m talking about the clasps on the shoulder strap that attach to the ring already on the bag.  i’m picky and particular and i know this was not a terribly expensive travel bag but it was a semi big purchase for me so i didn’t want to be let down on quality.  i don't know why this caught my attention but the zippers are scratchy... and my MZ Wallace zippers are smooth... meaning if my hand brushes against the O.G. zippers they scratch my skin versus the smooth zippers on my MZ bags.

i'm writing so much and being so personal because the purchase was important to me.  no one else where i live has a Lo & Sons O.G. travel bag so i couldn't see this bag prior to purchase.  i can only image how important it might be for someone else to put down almost 300 hundred on a travel bag and i want them to be able to read a review that was not sponsored or part of a c/o post etc.

okay so that's my two cents right now... i do like the bag, the size of it for travel, and the function that it fits over a rolling luggage handle but i also have some things to think about before the time period that i can return the bag expires.

01 October 2012

manual labor weekend in photos...

what we did this weekend... all weekend long... but thankfully with the help of my very amazing parents!  manual labor is no easy task and as much as i appreciate the ability to take on and complete a task like staining each individual piece of cedar... i don't very much want to have to do this again...  so we'll see who we can recruit the next time this fence needs to be soaked in stain... thankfully not for another three years!

each piece on top needed to be hand brushed... oh my shoulders

tah dah... done!