08 October 2012

just some tid bits from the weekend...

after a rough week and the previous laboring weekend staining the fence we didn't want to have too much structure for this past weekend.  i got to sleep-in both Saturday and Sunday which was just fantastic, we decided to take a random day trip up to Duluth, and on Sunday i didn't get out of my sweats or the house... not once!

Midwest Views

Open Road
Chloe got to par take in the Duluth road trip... she looks thrilled 'eh...

if you're heading up North and will be stopping in Duluth try Tycoons!  we started at the Brewhouse but they had an hour long wait so after seeing a billboard on the way up to Duluth i remembered Tycoons and we found out they served Brewhouse beer so we ditched out on the hour long wait and headed to Tycoons.  we could have sat at a table or the bar and there was no hour long wait for a relaxing Saturday afternoon lunch at Tycoons.  the food was tasty and we'd try it again and felt kinda proud we broke from the norm to give a new business a try :)

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