29 October 2012

oh this blog...

hello Monday... hello daunting life questions about what I'm going to do with my life... okay back to Monday... i can sorta deal with this issue.

i was trying to change a format thing on my blog in hopes of making all my personal photos the same size on the blog.  well it kinda worked but it also made some images HUGE... so sorry about that.

this past weekend was very predictable.  we ate. we did chores. we took the pups out. we relaxed.  maybe we're in a weekend rut... but we need to get all the life maintenance stuff we don't have time, energy, or natural light out to complete during the week so it all gets crammed into the weekend... leaving not a ton of go juice to do much else but relax after all the chores have been completed.

here's to a full week in the office and hopefully a few surprises during the weekend.

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