20 November 2012

getting ready for the holidays 'eh?

so i live in the Midwest... Minnesnowta exactly but yet there is no snow to be found... i feel like we are still in "fall mode" and boxes of freshly sharpened pencils should be the talking subject... not turkeys?!  but turkey it is and Thanksgiving is this Thursday but really it's Friday for me... long story short but when you are planning to get married you have to compromise on a lotta things.

the Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails have been flooding in and this year I'm a bit more prepared to maybe snag a few deals this year... but all my loved ones have yet to get me their materialistic holiday wish lists! come on ma, pa, and sista who don't even read this little bit of cyber space... get those lists to me... moi... pronto!  happy Turkey day to those that celebrate the holiday!

here are a few things on my wish list...

  •  sign-up for onetruffle.com's mailing list and i think there might be a deal coming my way... one can never have enough organizational pouches and i love my No 1 Clarity pouch in Peony!
  • just about anything from MZ Wallace and they are currently having an early holiday sale and if you like them on Facebook you can get access now!
  • bumbleandbumble has a sweet holiday gift set with perfect travel sized versions of my favorite products
  • these black jeans from Rag&Bone

07 November 2012

do you have ups and downs?

i'm in the mix of life and it feels like i'm riding a seesaw and life just keeps going up and down up and down. now this may sound like nothing and i should be happy i have a roof over my head and food on the table etc. but i can't help express how much life can be a struggle even if you have what society says should make you happy or sustain you... i'm tired and i so darn sick of being tired and having headaches and worries.  i was reading an issue of Real Simple and there was a section of articles about what "dream wish/present" folks would want and one of the writers talked about having her worry taken away... and part of me thinks that would be so great to just have my worry taken away... i wonder what i would be like without worry...

i think i knew how to worry before i even knew what worrying meant....