28 August 2014

flats for fall

i'm getting ready for fall. dusting of the sweaters and getting ready to retire the flip flops for flats and fall booties! saw these while out and about last weekend and couldn't resist!

yosi samra ballet flats purchased at Maha Boutique in Wayzata, Mn 

25 August 2014

da weekend!

did ya'll have a nice weekend? i hope it wasn't as humid and gross in your location like it was here in Minneapolis! it's okay though... the best way to avoid humidity is to try new restaurants and take care of some back-to-school shopping because we still get to do that even as a grown-up right?!

we tried out Bar Louie this weekend but we're not cool enough to attend the Uptown location and be clubbing... no no we went to the Bar Louie attached to the... Ridgedale Mall... yup the mall people. BUT did you know this restaurant works with a scratch kitchen (sauces/everything from scratch) and the food wasn't too bad actually it was pretty darn good! the hubs tried the meatball sandwich and i ordered a smoked turkey sandwich but i really just wanted to eat the meatball sandwich.

we're on a roll to try new things and restaurants and on Saturday we decided to give the old Sunset's location a try.  Sunsets used to be the place to brunch and have low key weekend lunches when i was growing-up but just recently they closed and now in its place resides CoV Wayzata. it's just so light and airy inside CoV Wayzata and the nautical theme really makes me want to own a sailboat or know more people who have sailboats i can come visit :)


22 August 2014

to be classy or dachsies

i am a crazy dog lady but do i shout this from the roof tops or keep this extra tid bit to myself... two lovely blouse options for fall but should i be classy or dachsies?!

blouse on the left from Boden USA, blouse on the right from J.Crew

19 August 2014

why hello again!

it's been almost two years since i've been on this here blog... and i had a pretty decent post that brought you up to speed with the in-between and then i downloaded the Blogger app on my phone and tried to be all mobile and deleted said post. tear. so i'll keep this short and sweet. i'm back and how you doin' :)